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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 10, 2010


JDT Core:
- bug fixes
- investigate new API addition around classpath entries for chained jars:
- investigating performance issues with code assist.
- investigating search performance improvement using the builder dependants
- 3.6 plan
- starting working on Eclipsecon presentations

- continued work on improving the ImportRewrite context
- continued to work on command that invokes hyperlinking (Ctrl+Click):
  - patch ready for review
- continued to work on command to open the vertical ruler hover
- started to work on 'Move Type to New File' refactoring
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- improved 'Find Broken Externalized Strings' tool to report less false
- fixed problems in Java editor when opening external *.java file
- inbox tracking

- polishing breakpoint detail panes
- bug fixing

- improved performance of API tools incremental build (299968)
- continued work on feature based launch
- investigating addition of source repository info to bundles
- investigating manifest editor customization for run/debug/export
- bug fixing

- 3.5.2RC3 test pass went well
- accessibility work continues on various fronts
- CTabFolder work continues (API, refactor, client drawing of tabs)
- Windows 7 image overlay progress

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.5.2 endgame
- 3.5.2RC3 released
- ran jar verifier over last 3.5.2 repo to verify jars
  - opened bugs against several teams wrt unsigned jars in the 3.5.2
    stream builds
- updated to latest Orbit build for 3.5.2
- archived 3.4.x builds
- test builds for 3.6M5 bundles, comparator changes etc.
- investigating why perf results aren't generating automatically
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- continuing to develop UI for filtering by criteria
- bug fixing and JUnit test development

- 3.5 perf tests:
  - M20100203-0800: nothing new
  - M20100205-0800 (3.5.2 RC3): nothing new
- 3.6 perf tests:
  - no performance results since N20100204-2000 build:
    - see bug
  - page results are still manually generated
  - builds verification:
    - N20100204-2000: nothing new

- polishing and fixing Applying Patch in Sync View
- working on remaining Flexible Resources issues (both UI and core)
- Bug 300502, Bug 301972 - working on UI for the extended set of
  file permission attributes [fixed]
- Bug 302163 - [Sync View] Error message during update operation after
  synchronization [in progress]
- Bug 292831 - Compare files claims that identical lines are different
  [in progress]
- Bug 300086 - [efs] FileSystemResourceManager makes second call to
  efs provider on exception due to cancel
- investigating Bug 246565:
  - need a way to open a project without refreshing
- for other items, see the plan:

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