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[eclipse-dev] Fw: Planning Meeting Post-Notes - May 13, 2009

I forgot to mention that we agreed to post build submission emails to releng-dev, starting now, to make it easy to see for everyone what kind of changes are going into the builds.

Thanks Darin for setting a good example.


----- Forwarded by Boris Bokowski/Ottawa/IBM on 05/13/2009 04:04 PM -----

Boris Bokowski/Ottawa/IBM wrote on 05/13/2009 12:03:54 PM:

> Number of open bugs:

> - There are currently 38 bugs targeted at RC1, but not all of them
> are code changes. The suggestion is to assign bugs to RC4 if they
> don't affect the code (e.g. doc changes).

> - Please mark open bugs as [doc] or [test] etc. to make it easier to
> see which bugs are actual code changes.

> - Check this bugzilla report (for Platform, JDT, and PDE): http:
> // - there are still open bugs with old milestone
> targets, and bugs targeted at 3.5 in general.

> Towards RC1:

> - There is no slack in the Galileo schedule, please try to get RC1
> fixes into the 20090513-2000 build if at all possible.

> - The last build for RC1 will be 20090514-2000. Teams need to give
> their GO as soon as possible on Friday so that the bits can be
> submitted to the Galileo build on Friday.

> After RC1:

> - See
> - rules for RC2 are: +1s from two committers required.

> - Monday is a holiday in Ottawa. Teams in Ottawa should start the
> test pass this Friday, since the final RC2 build will be on Thursdaynext week.

> - I-builds towards RC2 will start after RC1 is declared - there are
> scheduled builds on the weekend, see the releng calendar at: http:
> //

> Boris

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