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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Post-Notes - May 13, 2009

Number of open bugs:
- There are currently 38 bugs targeted at RC1, but not all of them are code changes. The suggestion is to assign bugs to RC4 if they don't affect the code (e.g. doc changes).
- Please mark open bugs as [doc] or [test] etc. to make it easier to see which bugs are actual code changes.
- Check this bugzilla report (for Platform, JDT, and PDE): - there are still open bugs with old milestone targets, and bugs targeted at 3.5 in general.

Towards RC1:
- There is no slack in the Galileo schedule, please try to get RC1 fixes into the 20090513-2000 build if at all possible.
- The last build for RC1 will be 20090514-2000. Teams need to give their GO as soon as possible on Friday so that the bits can be submitted to the Galileo build on Friday.

After RC1:
- See - rules for RC2 are: +1s from two committers required.
- Monday is a holiday in Ottawa. Teams in Ottawa should start the test pass this Friday, since the final RC2 build will be on Thursday next week.
- I-builds towards RC2 will start after RC1 is declared - there are scheduled builds on the weekend, see the releng calendar at:


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