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Re: [eclipse-dev] Post Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 8, 2009

A question regarding

I'm not sure what is the rule to put items on the list. I understand that
there are some issues people would like to have fixed,
however it doesn't make sense to put them on the list if the team
responsible for fixing the issues is not going to handle it.

So if there are items not planned for 3.5, target milestone is not set and
one put this issue to the list, how should I understand it?
If these items are really important, it should be at least discussed with
component leads or developers responsible for such issues.

Szymon Brandys

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Performance action item for next week:
            Every performance bug needs to be looked at. Understand what's
            going on and at least comment on the bug if you cannot resolve
            it. The top-level bug for this is

"Be a good citizen" action items:
            Babel NLS key freeze is M7. To check map files submitted to
            Babel, use:
            (after login, use "eclipse", "3.5", "galileo" to see the
            current map files)
            Now is a good time to check version bounds. The easiest
            approach is to set lower bounds to the latest if you are not
            testing against older versions.
            For the 3.5 polish pass, use
            (to add new entries, copy an existing one to ensure
            consistency, and don't forget your name).

FYI items:
            The Eclipse SDK plan document has wrong dates for the RC
            milestones. A plan update is coming this week to match release
            train dates.
            How to attach YourKit to performance tests running in the test

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