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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 8, 2009


JDT APT status:
- newsgroups, conf calls, inbox, Bugzilla
- ongoing work w/ Olivier and Kent (thanks!) on bugs 269934 and 270754

- performance investigations:
  - one remaining issue blocking Frédéric's root bug
- added language attribute (lang="en") to our doc
- investigated corrupted Java Model after target platform change:
  - filed bug
- continued to work on Call Hierarchy improvements
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- investigated performance degradations:
  - one remaining issue (2 randomly crashing tests) blocking Frédéric's
    root bug
- fixed accessibility issue in content assist
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- inbox tracking

- bug fixing

- bug fixing
- performance results analysis
- inbox tracking

User Assistance:
- another XSS vulnerabilty was reported in the help webapp; this has been
  fixed for 3.5
- reviewing inbox and fixing browser bugs this week

Platform Workspace:
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing for M7
- polishing in the area of compare editor (e.g. bug 259411) in progress
- [perfs] Changes to DocLineComparator introduced a regression in 3-way
  compare perf test (bug 270929) FIXED
- [perfs] 4 failures while running Platform/Runtime performance test
  (bug 270765) FIXED
- improving tests for creating/applying patches (bug 266812) in progress

Platform UI:
- worked with SWT team to get the UI Test suite to pass on Cocoa
- improvements on how to run performance test individually
- bug fixes

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