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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - "some time in April", 2009

 Discussion Topic

- Hopefully, everyone has begun to focus on performance (and polish).
  We will be reviewing the latest performance results on the call today.
- Also, there have been a few reports of people getting "no more handles"
  errors, so reminder to run the SWT sleak tool to look for potential
  handle leaks.


- changed Open Type to use new API that only materializes the first
  selected editor
- finished patch to reuse org.hamcrest.core from Orbit in org.junit4
- polishing 'Generate toString()...' dialogs
- JUnit view now shows all failure traces of a test, not only the
  last one
- added a decorator for JARs and class folders that are on the build
  path of the enclosing project
- finished investigation regarding broken chkpii v11.03 on Linux
- continued to work on Call Hierarchy improvements
- performance investigations
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- fixed accessibility issues regarding annotations
- changed projection ruler bg color to be the same as the editor
  bg color
- performance investigations
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- inbox tracking

JDT Core:
- improving syntax recovery for ASTParser#K_CLASS_BODY_DECLARATIONS
  (bug 270148)
- released fix for bug # 267670 Private enum constant incorrectly
  marked as never read locally
- released fix for bug # 269493 [assist] Keywords are not proposed
  in a for statement without block.
- keep investigating performance issue: [assist] "Java code assist
  took too long: the proposal list might be incomplete" (bug 269296)
  proposal (bug 270113)

 - newsgroups, conf calls, inbox, Bugzilla
- work on bug 269934

- inbox tracking
- Darin S proposed project for GSoC:
  - refactorings for build files
- bug fixing
- reviewing performance tests

- inbox tracking
- started discussions about Variables View contribution for GSoC
- bug fixing
- reviewing performance tests

- plug-in spy enhanced to inspect menus (alt+shift+f2)
- imported/exported packages now appear in the plug-in registry view
- working on exporting products using publisher (from UI)
- started work on new and improved p2 target provisioner
- started work on separating target UI into "locations" and "content"
  (plug-in state)
- performance fixes for API builder
- reviewed PDE UI/API Tooling performance tests
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- a new Intro theme with labels, called "slate" is now in the build
- pseudolocalization testing performed, 3 minor problems fixed
- bug fixing

- inbox tracking
- working on 3.5 M7:
- mostly polishing in the area of compare editor, synchronization view
- investigating performance regression (bug 262741)

Rel. Eng.:
- macosx tests now run on cocoa build
- jmx features are converted to repos
- testing publisher changes in the build, and replacing packager calls
  with p2 slicer and p2.repo2runnable
- using new p2.process.artifacts task to generate packed files in repo
- bug fixing

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