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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Post-Notes - Oct 15, 2008

- Everyone reported on the state of their tests. Overall, it seemed that testing (e.g. in terms of test coverage) looks pretty good for non-UI pieces but not so good for UI code. Here are some ideas:
- Do as the JDT team does - for every new feature, and every bug, write a test case.
- Make your UI code "thinner" so that in the extreme, it does not contain any interesting code that could fail. Then test the remaining part, which should be non-UI code now.
- Structure code to be test friendly - by not using Singletons, or otherwise assuming that the code is always run in its normal context. This makes it easier to run the code in a test context, and using mocks etc. so that test setup/teardown is fast.
- Help has been asked to move to latest Lucene (2.4) - any comments?
- Performance tests are not being run right now, still working on technical issues.

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