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RE: [eclipse-dev] Improving Find/Replace

> Hi,
> I'm a relatively new user of Eclipse IDE and I already like 
> it a lot. But was just wondering, wouldn't it be better if we 
> could somewhere have an option of searching 'everywhere' in a 
> given file? [... detailed description snipped ...]

Hi, Piyush.

Sounds like a great idea to me!  The right place to request great ideas
is Bugzilla (; you can enter an
enhancement request.  You should of course search first to see if
someone has already requested it.  You can also ask on the newsgroups (I
would start with eclipse.platform) to see whether the functionality
already exists, and how to use it if it does.

Information about when it is, and is not, appropriate to use the mailing
lists to ask a question is at  Generally
speaking it's best to keep questions and feature-related discussions on
the newsgroups or in Bugzilla.

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