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[eclipse-dev] Improving Find/Replace

I'm a relatively new user of Eclipse IDE and I already like it a lot. But
was just wondering, wouldn't it be better if we could somewhere have an
option of searching 'everywhere' in a given file? I mean, we first click
'Find'(Ctrl. + F), then by default it searches forward, and then if it the
word/ search item is not found in this direction, it displays a message with
a sound "String not found". Then I come to know that the string must be in
the backward direction so I click backwards and then find it again.
Shouldn't it start from the top when it reaches the end of file, until it
reaches the starting point for search? (As it is done in Visual Studio
2003/2005) . I know that there is a much more comprehensive search in the
Search Menu, (Ctrl.+ H), but that takes more time and instead of searching
the next occurrence, it tries to search all of them which might not be
needed many times. I'm extremely sorry if this functionality is already
there. In my search on Eclipse discussions, and on the internet I couldn't
find a way to do this.

I hope I'm clear in my description. The whole philosophy is, when I'm asking
the editor to search for a particular word, I probably don't know where it
is: forward or backward. 

Thanks and Regards, 

"To vacillate or not to vacillate, that is the question ... Or is it?"
Piyush Soni
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Georgia Inst. of Technology
Atlanta, GA

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