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Re: [eclipse-dev] Ubuntu as another linux distro that Eclipse is tested on

Hi Vijay,

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Vijay Aravamudhan <avijayr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Unfortunately, Eclipse does not seem to be stable on this
> OS for some reason.

Please describe "not stable". What problems are you exactly seeing?
Most importantly, did you get Eclipse from Ubuntu's repositories or
did you get Eclipse from If you got it from the
repositories, I strongly suggest you download a build from
instead. The one in the repositories is over a year old as far as I
know (I believe it is version 3.2.2). Some of the problems you may or
may not be experiencing may have been fixed over the development time
elapsed over today and the 3.2.2 release date.

I personally know several people that use Ubuntu as their main OS and
they run Eclipse on it without any problems. I use Vista and Gentoo
myself and don't really notice any major differences between the two.
At least, nothing notable like crashing every five minutes on A but
"unlimited" uptime on B.

I do suggest that we take this debugging conversation off the mailing
list. You can get further assistance on the eclipse newsgroups
( or on IRC
( Note that you will need to go through a
brief sign-up process for the newsgroup so that you can get a username
and password for posting purposes.

> I am not sure whether the cause are my other plugins or
> the core platform itself.

Well, the most obvious way to circumvent this discrepancy is to try to
reproduce any problems you have with a clean environment without any
additional/extraneous plug-ins installed.

> With Ubuntu coming on as a strong choice for newb
> people like myself who have switched from Windows, I would like to make a
> request that this also be one of the platforms that Eclipse is tested on (I
> see that RHEL and Suse Enterprise are already on your test OS list). Could
> you please consider this request?

I'll leave this question for someone with more authority to answer. ;)


> thanks,
> Vijay
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