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RE: [eclipse-dev] Ubuntu as another linux distro that Eclipse is testedon

can you explain which problems have you found, I mean, I also work with
Ubuntu and I have never found any problem. The only problem I found some
time ago was with WTP and was a PermGen error, so only modifying
starting parameters the problem is solved.

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] Ubuntu as another linux distro that Eclipse is

I have been a user of Eclipse (on Windows) since pre1.0 and I am 
constantly amazed by the maturity of the platform and the Java IDE for 
the Windows platform. A couple of months ago, I switched to using Ubuntu

(Hardy Heron) as my primary OS. Unfortunately, Eclipse does not seem to 
be stable on this OS for some reason. I am not sure whether the cause 
are my other plugins or the core platform itself. With Ubuntu coming on 
as a strong choice for newb people like myself who have switched from 
Windows, I would like to make a request that this also be one of the 
platforms that Eclipse is tested on (I see that RHEL and Suse Enterprise

are already on your test OS list). Could you please consider this

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