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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 9, 2008

- Results are back again, thanks Kim :-)
- 3.4 tests results verification:
  - All tests of I20080408-0800 vs 20080215-1600:
    nothing new on this build :-))



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 Discussion Topic

- it is assumed now, that direct connection (no proxy) is
  the default:
  - can we change the default to use system support when
    available and direct connection otherwise?


 - bug fixing
 - newsgroups & inbox

- adopted identifier attribute for schemas
- bug fixing & triage
- M7 planning

- created new plug-in for p2 target provisioner (will be in next
  week's build)
- discussing best way to discover target platform bundles:
  - see bug 225148 and bug 226037
- bug fixing & triage
- M7 planning

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- 3.4 M7 planning
- adopted new content assist color from Platform UI
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- removed content assist info color constants (Platform UI):
  ==> use SWT colors instead as we used to up to now
- fixed orientation (RTL/LTR) bug in styled label provider classes
- fixed font problems in PopupDialog and QuickAccessDialog
- working on issue regarding high contrast vs. themes
- performance improvements for progress status area
- bidi testing on Linux
- making service extension point dynamic aware
- looking at long standing part activation event ordering bug
- wrong German flag bug is fixed
- applied patches from community
- performance tests for owner draw label provider
- about dialog polish
- adopted API tooling
- ran FindBugs on some of our plug-ins

- added API tooling tags (jdt.ui / ltk.refactoring / search / jdt.junit
  and core.expressions)
- Rename Method refactoring now also reports references from binary
- Quick fix/assist for missing case on switch on enum constant
- bug fixing

- secure storage: fixes and polishing
- Continuing participation in the next OSGi specification
- M7 bug fixing
- 3.4 documentation

User Assistance:
- added a print button to the help view.
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- building M6 Collector's Edition
- bug fixing
- working with IT to resolve lab infrastructure issues

JDT Core:
- almost done for concurrent compiler. It will use two separated threads
  for read and write operations. Might be released by the end of this week
  if no late issues appear since then.
- almost done for Javadoc comment formatter
- fixed several bugs around completion in 1.5 code
- fixed a performance issue in JDT/Core model test
- bugs fixing
- bugs triage

- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- bug 180921 [Proxy] Use system values for proxy settings:
   - win32 fragment released, testing linux fragment

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