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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 5, 2007

- tests results verification:
  - 3.4: nothing new for I20071204-1547 (baseline 20071130-1648)
  - 3.3.2: nothing new for M20071128-0800 (baseline 20071123-1525)



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- JSR269 testing, related to bug 196200
- inbox & newsgroups

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- added support for Emacs key bindings when using content assist
  and quick assist/fix in the editor
- added support for HOME, END and PageUp/Down when using content
  assist and quick assist/fix in the editor
- reviewed and committed contribution which allows to see the
  value of a constant in the Javadoc view
- continued work on performance optimizations when accessing
  annotations for a given range
- made good progress with sticky hover work:
  - initial code base in HEAD
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- started work on UI for fine-grained Java search

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing for M4
- bug 210770 fixed:
  - adding hidden projects to help addressing  the bugs 182537
    and 109137
- bug 44107 fixed:
  - new API for symbolic links
- improving unmatched patch handling:
  - see "Overall Team 3.4 Plan":
  - bug 211750

- Orbit:
  - getting ready to produce new stable build
- p2 status:
- prepping for M4
- bug triage
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- annotation recovery retargeted to M5
- aligning batch compiler's command line processing with doc
  (see Maxime's message on newsgroup)
- fine-grained search released
- released support for references to annotations in binary
  without sources
- working on surfacing missing source types in compiler
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for pde build changes
- test builds for 3.3.2 builds using latest maintenance plugins
- testing to try to run windows tests over ssh instead of rsh in lab
- working with IT team to route Ganglia traffic through lab firewalls
- investigating how to change provisioning build so their bundles
  are signed along with SDK bundles
- making snow angels

User Assistance:
- Welcome:
  - fixed some intro bugs in preparation for 3.4 feature work
  - added some more JUnit tests for intro extensions
- Help:
  - fixed some bugs in the help web application
- UI Forms:
  - adopted new Platform UI API for key bindings
  - fixed NPEs in the new busy indicator
  - implemented bold font sharing across all of forms
  - bug fixing and triage

- Enhancements to context launch to improve JUnit launching:
  - launch individual test by pressing "Run/Debug" with test
    method selected
  - contributed patch to JUI for JUnit launcher
- 3.3.2 fix for Bug 198428 - Deadlock deleting launch
- Bug fixing

- API Tooling:
  - bug fixing
  - working on command line tools for usage and binary
    compatibility reports
  - preference pages/settings for errors/warnings
  - builder to generate errors/warnings for illegal API use and
    compatability issues
- reviewing patches, bugday
- Chris (A) attended JAX Asia
- Bug fixing

Platform UI:
- problems, bookmarks and tasks views are now using the new
  markers support
- progress view:
  - performance improvements
  - leak fixes
- general performance work
- commands:
  - dynamic menus
  - menu contribution support
- services support
- XSLT tooling

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