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[eclipse-dev] Source bundles in the SDK

Last night's build N20071128-0010 is the first build using the new format for source bundles.

The major difference is that instead of instead of source bundles that are folders and contain the source for multiple plugins, we now have a source bundle per plugin and the source bundles are jared.

Would teams please take a look at this build (and builds going forward) to ensure that the source for their bundles looks good.  Some things to look for:

1) A source bundle's manifest contains a "Eclipse-SourceBundle" header which lists the bundle it corresponds to.  It also contains a "roots" directive listing out the folders in the source jar corresponding to different libraries.  For example, org.eclipse.pde.core.source contains the following:
Eclipse-SourceBundle: org.eclipse.pde.core;version="3.4.0.N20071128-0010";roots:="ant_tasks/pde-antsrc,."
If no roots directive is specified, the default "." is assumed.

2) Check that all the source does exist in the source jar and that any other additional resources (specified in src.includes in your, eg: schemas, about.html) are also present.
3) Some bundles may not actually contain any source and therefore a source bundle is not necessary.  See for example
4) Some bundles that don't follow the standard build scenarios may need special handling (ie Orbit bundles), see for example

-Andrew - Simplify the way source is contributed - Change SDK to use individual source bundles - Re-design how source is associated with code

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