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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 28, 2007

- tuning local data storage while generating perf results
- performance tests results verification (still only on fingerprints):
  - 3.4: I20071127-0800
    - opened bug 211205 (minor) on org.eclipse.ant component
    - nothing else new since last week
  - 3.3.2: M20071121-0800
    - nothing new since



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- participated in the Ottawa Eclipse demo camp


- investigation of bug 210310
- inbox & newsgroups
- USA Thanksgiving holidays

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing for M4
- bug 210770 in progress:
  - adding hidden projects to help addressing the bugs
    182537 and 109137

- bug 210121 in progress:
  - waiting for I-build to verify by the originator
- bug 210688 fixed:
  - three-way compare issue fixed
- development plan updated:

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for source bundles
- finishing  up Ganglia install to monitor build infrastructure
- working with IT team to resolve infrastructure issues in lab

JDT Core:
- keep working on syntax recovery for annotations
- fine-grained search ready to be released
- keep working on concurrent compiler
- released api to get a Java element from a binding key
- released api to get the default value of an annotation method
- making progress on integrating comment formatter
- bug fixing

JDT UI/Text:
- working on method signature participants API
- disabled leak test that open a context menu on Mac OS X:
  - A bug in SWT caused this test to time out after 2h, which
    delayed all build test results
- finally found a flicker-free approach to replace a hover with
  browser widgets:
  - finishing support to move mouse into hovers for next week's
- new JAR exporter released: deploy Java application as executable
- bug fixing

- incubator security review:
  - working on the authentication part
- pde build:
  - producing source bundles in new format
  - working on moving the sdk over
- p2 status:
- bug triage
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- US Thanksgiving holiday (2 days)
- committed code changes allowing Webapp to be deployed as a .war file.
- more design work on new intro theme
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- polish new problems view
- IP Zilla contribution
- commands:
  - keys preference page
  - multi page editor part maintainence
  - dynamic menu contributions
- services:
  - service locator support added
- dependency injection investigations in incubator
- data bindings updates
- owner draw label providers
- middle button support for tab closing
- product customization polish

- bug fixing

- API tooling:
  - started work on API component exporting
  - support for API javadoc tags on type members
  - action to convert component XML to API javadoc tags
  - working on marker creation in workspace for binary
  - API search engine tests
  - bug fixing
- continued work/testing on source packaging bundles (should go
  into nightly build this week)
- p2 launch support with bundles.txt
- Thanksgiving

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