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[eclipse-dev] Reminder: third-party contributions

As discussed on the architecture call today, we would like to maintain our
IP log as we go rather than doing it at the last minute.

Component leads, please send Tod <Tod_Creasey@xxxxxxxxxx> a list of
third-party contributions (kinds (2) and (3), see below) that went into 3.4
so far, i.e., added after the 3.3 release.

All committers, please read the following to help us with maintaining an
up-to-date IP log:

For the IP log, we need to know about three things:

(1)  "Small" contributions (patches) coming from non-committers. For this,
we ask you to use the keyword "contributed".  Please remember to add this
keyword whenever you commit a patch from a non-committer.

(2)  "Large" contributions (code > 250 lines, new feature work) coming from
non-committers. For this, remember that it has to go through the proper IP
review process with the Eclipse Foundation through IPZilla.

(3)  Any new, updated (i.e. new versions being used), modified (i.e. we
modify the code) or removed dependencies on third-party code, usually on
bundles that reside in Orbit.  This also has to go through the Eclipse
Foundation IP review process.

"Non-committer", in this context, is defined as: anyone who is not a
committer on the Eclipse project (Equinox, Platform, JDT, PDE) at the time
they make the contribution.

To recap, please update your bugs with the "contributed" keyword if you
haven't already done so, and (component leads), please send Tod e-mail
about any (2) or (3) contributions by the end of this week.


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