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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 21, 2007


- Jeff McAffer to record videocast on Equinox with Michael Cote
  from RedMonk


Platform UI:
- commands:
  - contributing services and sources
  - dynamic contribution handling
- XSLT tooling
- markers view polish
- TreeViewer performance work
- general maintenance
- wrote tests for opening the OleEditor (aka system in-place editor)

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing for M4
- investigation of chages that help to solve bugs 182537 and 109137
- bug 209167 addressed (the performance regression caused by the
  change in Resources)
- bug 210121 in progress:
  - new fragments to support ia64

- p2 status:
  - general status:
  - p2 artifact garbage collection
  - started work on p2 update manager backwards compatibility
- Orbit:
  - investigation into build changes to handle new source
    bundle format
- launcher:
  - added new win32 ia64 port
- bug triage
- bug fixing
- vacation (American Thanksgiving)

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- investigated and fixed performance issue when editing
  external non-local files and backported this fix to 3.3.2
- switched code to use new RefreshAction APIs
- continued working on new API for faster access to annotations
- continued work for sticky hovers
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

 - inbox & newsgroups (team was mostly busy with some internal
   issues last week)

JDT Core:
- formatter tuning around regions
- investigating syntax recovery for annotations
- API discussion with JDT/Text for providing more completion context
- API discussion with JDT/UI on fine-grained search
- making progress on concurrent compiler
- bug fixing

JDT UI/Text:
- mark occurrences uses different colors for read/write
- find occurrences quick menu is now context sensitive and contains
  all searches from mark occurrence
- working on method signature participants API
- improved jdt/ui performance tests (clean up and organize imports)
- made progress with Sticky Hovers
- Run As > JUnit Test now runs a single test method when the editor
  selection is in the name of the method declaration
- bug fixing

- fixed text search view when showing very long lines

- bug fixing & triage
- reviewed/applied contributions to debug viewers:
  - alternate content provider for Expressions view:
  - cancel state updates:

- p2 support:
  - support to launch an Eclipse Application based on a p2
  - working on support to generate "bundle.txt" for first
    class p2 launching
- API Tooling:
  - started work on search engine
  - refactoring reference extraction
  - working on support to add API javadoc tags to source based
    on component.xml
  - continued work on class file deltas & binary compatibility
- more polish/tweaks for new source bundles
- bug fixing & triage
- reviewing contributions

User Assistance:
- changes have been made to the help Webapp to allow it to be
  easily packaged as a .war file which can run on many different
  servers. This will be in M4
- still gathering requirements and working with graphic designers
  for Welcome changes for Eclipse 3.4. Requirements discussion is
  in bug 209084
- bug fixing

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