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Re: [eclipse-dev] Re: [platform-releng-dev] Eclipse

Any chance to get reviewed too ? This one is hurting us immensely since we can't find any workaround on it and only started seeing this in Eclipse 3.3.1


Here is the list of defects blessed by the PMC for the forthcoming

[equinox] Wrong eclipse.ini configuration for PermGen size

[pde]     NPE in IdReplaceTask

[ui]      [CommonNavigator] 2 xml example projects show up in project

[swt]     swt-3.3-gtk-linux-x86 Printer crash under Ubuntu Gutsy

[releng]  Add -XX:PermGen to eclipse.ini for Mac OS X

[releng]  3.3.1 About says 3.3.0

Kim - Could you please give us a time window for the maintenance
integration build (would monday evening OTT be feasible?)

Kim Moir <Kim_Moir@xxxxxx. com> To Sent by: platform-releng-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, platform-releng-d eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx ev-bounces@eclips cc Subject [platform-releng-dev] Eclipse 18/10/2007 18:13 Please respond to "Eclipse platform release engineering list." <platform-releng- dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

The PMC is currently evaluating a list of bugs to be included in a
release. They will be sending a list of bugs to the mailing list this
Friday.  I'll branch the org.eclipse.releng project from the  R3_3_1 tag so
that contributing teams can update their map files.

For teams submitting fixes to this release, they should increment the
service number of their plugins.  For instance, if the current version
plugin's version number is 3.3.1, they should increment it to 3.3.2.  As a
corollary, teams who are updating their plugin service versions for will also need to increment the service number in the 3.3.2 stream
so that it is higher than both 3.3.1 and

I'll take care of updating the appropriate feature versions.  Also, I'll
update the readme in the platform feature to include the new list of bug
fixes marked 3.3.1.

From a marketing standpoint, this release will be called  Thus,
the about files and zip file names will indicate After is
released, I'll move 3.3.1 release to the eclipse archive server.

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