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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 24, 2007


  - Jeff gave keynote at the OOPSLA Eclipse Technology Exchange
  - Boris gave a tutorial


JDT APT team:
 - work on UI to selectively enable reconcile-time processing for
   individual processors
 - miscellaneous small bug fixes
 - inbox & newsgroups

PDE Build:
- one bug fix for
- starting changes for individual source bundles

- 2 launcher fixes for
- starting new incubator work area for future OSGi specification
- continued review of Equinox security and ProSyst contributions
- voting new committers to incubator (stefan and stoyan)
- defining p2 shape for 3.4
- p2 status:
- continued work on integration of JUnit4 tests into the Eclipse
  Test Framework
- bug triage and bug fixing

JDT Core:
- annotations in the Java model almost ready
  (plan to have support for 3.4M3)
- code completion after instanceof ready
- investigating enriching completion context
- investigating slight regression in performance tests
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- continued work for sticky hovers
- verified several StyledText fixes regarding new text styles
- fixed various printing bugs:
  - show job/file name in print queue
  - print line numbers (needs fix on SWT side to work correctly)
  - don't print background color and current line highlighting
- improved line number ruler selection handling
- ported several bugs to 3.3.2
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- vacation

- Call Hierarchy: now supports references to fields (contributed)
- in-place Rename refactoring: preview was forced in some cases
  although textual updates were disabled
- moving resource move and delete refactoring down to LTK
  refactoring so it can be used by Platform/IDE and other clients
- working on a colored labels API proposal for JFace (bug 188333)
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- tweaking the upcoming Forms article
- bug fixes and incremental improvements in the area of context

Platform UI:
- 4.0 investigations
- markers support:
  - polish of new view which will replace the old view in M4
- dynamic support:
  - invesitgating plug-ins that do not unload properly
- commands:
  - conversion of workbench actions to commands
- 3.3 presentation cleanup

- bug fixing
- debug views show busy when retrieving content
- more review of multi-context debugging proposal from
  DSDP-DD project:

- bug fixing
- continued work to support source packaging per bundle
- API Tooling:
  - developing model for and generating class file deltas
  - class file scanner for inter-component references in the works
  - started work on model/UI for defining API baseline
- log view enhancement to visually separate sessions
- working on performance problems with PDE classpath container,
  PDE state, manifest file without bundle
- working on extension point rename refactoring
- work on text based schema model

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