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RE: [eclipse-dev] How much effort has gone into developing Equinox

It turns out a number of people want me to respond to this list.   Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  


There seems to be two questions: 1) estimate on number of deployments, and 2) effort to build Equinox.  Unfortunately there is not a perfect answer for either.   However I can suggest some resources or links.


For number of deployments there are a couple of research reports that talk about RCP adoption.   These reports are listed on the Eclipse wiki but here are the links.



For the effort to build Equinox, one way of looking at it is based on stats generated from a site called Ohloh.   This site uses a formula based on loc and contributors.   I admit this can lead to bogus results but it is a start.  The other thing with Ohloh is that the LOC of the Eclipse Project is high at 6+ million, my understanding is a more realistic number is approx. 3 million or say 1000 person years.   The Ohloh numbers for Equinox seem low at 61K and 15 person years.   I am sure Jeff and team have been working a lot harder than that.   J  Also remember, that Equinox is a small runtime.   Most people use a lot of the frameworks that are included on top of Equinox.


Not sure if this helps?





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I think this e-mail list is meant for development issues with the Eclipse Platform project.  Send me an e-mail to ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx and I will try to help you out.


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I'm building a case for using Equinox as opposed to in-house development of a plugin framework.  Can someone given a reasonable estimate as to how many person hours have gone into the development of Equinox?  Also, are there any estimates as to the number of Equinox installations that there are out there (i.e. deployment footprint)?  This information would help to support my arguments for using Equinox.


Thanks much,

Cameron Ross

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