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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 20, 2007

[ Thanks to the keeners who provided status this week. As we discussed in
last week's arch call, most of the stuff we are doing for the next two or
three weeks is pretty mechanical, so lets hold off on the status messages
until things ramp up again in July. ]

 Discussion Topic

Discussion item:
- What are the rules of engagement for 3.3.1 fixes?


Workspace Team Status
- starting to think about 3.4
- bug triage
- Europa testing

- planing
- bug fixing for 3.4
  - serialize id quick fix does not start a VM anymore
   (reimplementation of the serial id algorithm)
  - patches with improvements for regular expression find/replace

- 3.4 planning
- reviewing old bugs
- releasing some minor bug fixes into 3.4 stream

- bug triage
- final doc changes
- investigating pack/unpack bug (bug 192983)
- will need re-build to re-consume new Orbit bundles (bug 193203)
- preparing for TSSJS conference in Barcelona
- 3.4 planning

Platform/JDT Text:
- 3.4 planning
- prepared some 3.4 bug fixes
- inbox tracking

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