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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 5, 2007

 Discussion Topic

Platform UI:
- How should we specify new elements that have been added to schemas
  in 3.3. We haven't ever done this before so it could be a big
  - see


Platform/JDT Text:
- minor bug fixing for RC3 no bug fixes for RC4 so far
- tested RC3 (verified all fixes)
- bug reviews
- completed release check list
- documentation work
- provided input for the release review
- inbox tracking

- bug fixing for RC3
- triage
  - no bug fixes for RC4 so far
- tested RC3 (verified all fixes)
- documentation
- provided input for the release review

JDT Core:
- RC3 bugs verifying
- bug fixing (3 fixes planned for RC4)
- contributing patch for performance results page
- doc work
- contributing to release review

- bug verification for RC3
- bug fixing for RC4 (3 fixes so far, no other candidates
  at the moment)
- 1 day test pass
- documentation work

- a few RC3/RC4 bug fixes
- JSch 0.1.31 now in Platform builds
- working on User and ISV doc

- pretty much locked down for 3.3
- testing and bug fixing in preparation for 3.3.1

- RC3/RC4 bug patch reviews and fixing

User Assistance:
- work towards RC3
- documentation, selective bug fixing
- testing all the N&N features
- looking at the potentially problematic bug involving
  PLUGINS_ROOT constant for doc links

- documentation
- bug triage and fixing

- bug triage
- a few bug fixes for RC builds
- documentation
- testing
- sanity checking for RCs

Rel. Eng.:
- RC3 released
- test build with RC3 plugins
- debugging s390x source build issues
- fixing releng project copyrights

Platform UI:
- bug fxing
- documentation

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