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[eclipse-dev] Draft 3.3 What's New

I have released a draft of the platform "What's new" documents in both the Workbench User Guide (org.eclipse.platform.doc.user) and Platform Plug-in Developers Guide (org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv).  The content is largely based on the 3.3 milestone N&N documents.  Will someone on each component team please review the entries for their component. Some things to watch out for:

 - Correctness. Make sure the text is still accurate if things have changed since the milestone when the feature was added. I tried to verify, but may have missed some details.
 - Screen shots. Make sure the screen shots are still correct.
 - Completeness. I omitted the less significant N&N entries from the milestones, and collapsed similar entries together. We want to highlight the bigger changes in 3.3, and avoid overwhelming the reader with lots of nickle and dime changes. However, if something is missing that you believe is important, feel free to add it.
 - ISV doc entries.  During the milestones, the primary focus in the N&N is on end-user features. However, in the 3.3 release we have a separate ISV "what's new" document that gives you an opportunity the showcase the major new APIs introduced in 3.3.  With the exception of SWT this section is currently a bit thin, so feel free to add extra entries. Help the community discover all the great new APIs we added in 3.3 by mentioning them here.
 - Appropriate guide.  There are a total of four "what's new" documents in the SDK: platform.doc.isv, platform.doc.user, jdt.doc.user, and pde.doc.user.  If your component is split across multiple documents, make sure each of your entries are in the right place (I'm thinking particularly of Text and Debug).  I made my best guess about the user/isv and platform/jdt division, but I might have put some things in the wrong guide.

Feel free to ping me with any questions.


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