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[eclipse-dev] Re: Platform UI commit rights for Michael Valenta

That makes 4 votes for and none against. I will start the process with the 

Congratulations Michael!


Tod Creasey/Ottawa/IBM 
03/28/2006 02:34 PM

eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Platform UI commit rights for Michael Valenta

I would like to vote to extend commit rights to Michael Valenta. Michael 
has helped us in the way of design and patches since the early days of the 
platform. In Eclipse 3.2 he was instrumental in the improvements to the 
workbench for the logical to physical support and the legacy resource 
support and is now a regular enough contributor to these areas that he 
should become a committer.

I personally have committed much of his code and regularly have design 
discussions with Michael so I extend an emphatic +1.


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