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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 5, 2006

 Discussion Topics

- What is actually going to happen between May 12-June 30?


- file search polishing
- menu polishing
- extract supertype polish
- added required execution environments to manifest.mfs and changed
  project classpaths to use an execution environment rather than the
  workspace default JRE
- configure deprecated fix UI polish
- 3.2M6 testing and shipping
- bug fixing
- performance

- M6
- performance work
- bug triage
- bug fixing

PDE Build:
- investigation into integration of Pack200 into Build and Update Manager
- JAR signing investigation

Platform/JDT Text:
- shipped 3.2 M6
- performance work
- lots of bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking
- vacation

User Assistance:
- M6 work:
  - cheat sheets and linkability in maintenance mode
- working on documentation and bug fixes

- ctrl+1 support added to quick fixes for source pages PDE editors
- M6 work and bug fixes
- visit Wassim's new blog at

- update site enhancement utility work (digests and pack200) is in
  - a proposal has been published on the Update home page

- M6 testing pass
- bug fixing
- investigating transient test failures:
  - appears that target VM is randomly disconnecting during some tests
  - reducing the clients making requests on the VM (views/test suite)
    seems to reduce occurrance of problem
- bug triage/prioritization for RC1

Platform UI:
- general:
  - M6 milestone week
  - discussing required field emphasis for 3.2
  - review of Eclipse menus
- bug fixing:
  - bug 112225:
    - Need consistent save lifecycle when multiple parts share the same
  - bug 112215:
    - [CommonNavigator] Allow extensions to participate in the save
- JFace:
  - scoping whether more undo can be delivered in RC1
- performance:
  - bug 133557:
    - [Trim] Opening and Closing a window leaks TrimAreas
- tests:
  - M6 testing

- M6 testing and release
- bug fixing for RC1

- shipped 3.2 M6
- performance work:
  - permgen memory leak on Ant run:
    - still not resolved and each profiling tool appears to be lying in
      different ways and impacting the results
    - any and all help is appreciated:
      - other performance issues appear to be solely resulting from
        issues in lower level components
      - unlikely to have much time to spend here except to point other
        teams at the Ant tests
    - open LCD on Targets tab performance regression:
      - appears to be SWT due to the large differences between
        different platforms
    - open Ant Editor performance regression:
- polish of Ant preference pages
- tweak of the AntMigrationDelegate used to migrate existing launch
  configs to the new launch configuration resource filtering
- cleaning up the broken NLS strings

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