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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 14, 2006

Platform UI

Performance work
        - Problems View
        - Test improvment: backported tests that were missed during 
refactor of performance tests (no 3.1 baseline tests were running for a 
number of tests)
        - Trim Layout

General Polish Work

Trim Layout:
        - Implemented the first pass at the 'trim' extension handling 
using the 'org.eclipse.ui.menus' extensions.
        - Talked with Mvm and provided feedback to Linda and Kelvin 
regarding various trim-related GUI polish suggestions.

-logged bugs for Bidi path rendering problem against all applicable UI 
components, originated from bug 119517 (bug #s are 130586-130593, 130595)

Common Navigator

- Link with editor support (completing the implementation)
- Deferred Tree Loading (investigating whether this is possible while also 
supporting TreePaths)
- Tabbed Property view support

-Bug 129591 [Contributions] Create a two-way proxy for the workbench 
window menu manager

- sliding error reporting

Field Assist
- field assist fixes to support jface content assist use case
- required field emphasis support finalized, looking for good places in 
SDK to use it

- looking at how resource change description factories and model listeners 
incorporate into resource-based undo

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