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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 14, 2006


- EclipseCon is next week. As you can see below, lots of us are doing
  tutorials, talks, etc. It should be tons of fun, so we hope you can
  make it!

- Wassim Melhem talking at SDWest conference in Santa Clara, CA


- change sets added to CVS Model Sync
- history view polish
- performance profiling
- EclipseCon preparation

- bug fixing & triage
- added support for columns in variables view:
  - columns can be turned off/on via the "Layout > Show Columns"
    action in the view menu
  - displayed columns can be selected via "Layout > Columns..." action
  - updated EclipseCon debug tutorial for "columns"
- added asynchronous debug action adapters for retargettable actions:
  step, terminate, etc.:
  - @see IAsynchronousTerminateAdapter, etc.
- added user preference to open exception inspector when a Java
  exception is hit
- polish:
  - consolidated Java variable settings into one "Preferences..." action
    in variables view drop down
  - added "collapse all" to Launch dialog toolbar
  - Using CTabFolder in Launch dialog to support tab scrolling on Mac
  - consistent terminology in menus for "declared" and "actual" types
    for open type/hierarchy

- making the runtime bundles behaviour better when optionally required
  bundles come and go
- JMX equinox incubator proposal
- EclipseCon preparation
- performance
- bug reports

- investigating using JSR200 for delivering bundles from an update site
- contributing to callisto
- removing update's dependancy on runtime
- startlevels:
  - working on adding an agressive-start list to the config.ini
- performance
- bug reports

- continued with new "Replace Invocations" refactoring
- added support to jar refactoring (Replace JAR file & Fix Deprecation)
  to use source attachments
- added quick assist to create a deprecation script
- make final quick assist with selection
- NLS Tooling bugfixing
- 'Find NLS Problems" action (in progress)
- added option to enable assertions for new JUnit launch configurations
- worked on a solution for bug:
- converted core.exrepssion to be Foundation 1.0 compliant
- cleaned up old code
- performance
- EclipseCon preparations
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- performance investigations
- closed many bugs related to Javadoc HTML rendering which is now done
  via Browser widget
- Javadoc hover now explains why there's no Javadoc
- EclipseCon tutorial preparation (in progress)
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

User Assistance:
- cheat sheets:
  - polish, image refreshes, workflow clarification
  - defect fixing
- linkability:
  - working on the way Eclipse links are presented in documentation (as
    opposed to plain navigation links)
- help:
  - preparing for Eclipsecon
- welcome:
  - further tweaking of the Universal Welcome themes (the new theme works
    well on Windows and Mozilla; currently chasing problems with Safari
    on Mac OS X)

- continued work on support for digests to improve searching and
  browsing of the remote sites

- polish
- bug fixes
- inbox cleanup

Rel. Eng.:
- testing new build mechanism which uses packaging mechanism.  Plan on
  moving to this this week
- work to highlight performance results which may be statistically
  invalid with yellow
- work with Olivier from JDT Core to produce console log output in xml
  and html format
- Callisto update site work

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