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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 8, 2006


bug fixing
bug triage
        bug 128416 and bug 128417
        Doug P. helped out with profiling to find hot spots
        working with Debug for regressions due to filtering in the launch configuration dialog

        bug 130545: still investigating to reproduce the permgen leak

Mike Wilson <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxxxxx>
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03/08/2006 10:41 AM

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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 8, 2006

[ Sorry, I'm late this week. I was off on Monday and am still trying to get caught up. ]



- Eclipse in Motion event in Atlanta (John A)




- sanitizing JMX and bundle/resource management code for release into the

 incubator project

- PDE Build fix for invalid warning generated by access rules

- Update planning on a Callisto focus

- performance, performance, performance

- released the bundle signing support

- bug fixing

- no new haircuts

Platform/JDT Text:

- Javadoc hover is shown in Browser widget

- Revision hover is shown in Browser widget

- eclipseCon tutorial preparation (in progress)

- bug fixing

- bugzilla inbox tracking

- holidays


- bug fixing

- replaced view action delegates in debug view toolbar/context menu with

 single IAction's

- performance:

 - re-working performance tests that are statistically invalid

 - discovered/fixed memory leak in JDI client

- investigating BIDI bug in console (129908)

- menu polishing:

 - grouping of actions in "Layout" submenus

- released initial (internal provisional) support for columns in

 asynchronous debug views


- refactorings:

 - enabled inline for binary methods (if source attachment is available)

 - move method allows to move methods to generic types with matching type


 - added location history to Replace JAR, Create Script and Apply Script

 - performance of refactoring history, refactoring history UI

- views:

 - Java @category filter for outline view (view menu)

 - interface/enum/annotation decoration on class files and compilation

 unit (experimental)

- code manipulation:

 - clean up: remove brackets for control statements that only consist of

  'return' and 'throws'

 - change filters for Clean Up Wizard preview page

 - working on improving NLS tooling

 - separate comment templates for overridden methods and delegates

 - hashCode() and equals() can be regenerated (overwrites existing ones)

- junit:

 - fixed notification of JUnit test run listeners with concurrent test runs

- bug fixing

- EclipseCon preparation


- fine-tuning history view categories

- support for change sets in model synchronization (in progress)

- support for stand-alone use of EFS

Rel. Eng.:

- ongoing work on build process optimization

- testing fixes in PDE Build, adopting in builds

- incorporate new plug-ins into build as separate


Platform UI:

- general:

 - working on integrating trim with the new 'menus' extension point

 - performance work on Bug 114363 and Bug 126901

 - performance: changes to make FilteredTree better for large trees
   - see bug 128233

 - reviewing some of the work on time-based editor saving (Bug 34076)

 - integrating next version of ICU4J (3.4.3)

- bug fixing:

 - SubMenuManager visibility problem (Bug 128293)

 - sizing of key assist dialog (Bug 90971)

- logical model support:

 - worked on properties view

- JFace:

 - added animating message area for errors (thanks Dejan for inspiration):

   - will be doing this for preferences next

- Problems view:

 - performance work


- performance work:
 - mprovements made in scanning, DOM AST creation and indexing

- compilation participant reporting problems using
 BuildContext#recordNewProblems(...) now need to declare the problems

 marker type as being managed for this problems to be persisted as

 markers by the Java builder. Declaring a managed marker type is done

 using the 'managedMarker' sequence in the 'compilationParticipant'

 extension point

- compiler now supports @SuppressWarnings("cast") for silencing

 unnecessary cast diagnostics

- bug fixing
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