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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 8, 2006

[ Sorry, I'm late this week. I was off on Monday and am still trying to get caught up. ]


- Eclipse in Motion event in Atlanta (John A)


- sanitizing JMX and bundle/resource management code for release into the
  incubator project
- PDE Build fix for invalid warning generated by access rules
- Update planning on a Callisto focus
- performance, performance, performance
- released the bundle signing support
- bug fixing
- no new haircuts

Platform/JDT Text:
- Javadoc hover is shown in Browser widget
- Revision hover is shown in Browser widget
- eclipseCon tutorial preparation (in progress)
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking
- holidays

- bug fixing
- replaced view action delegates in debug view toolbar/context menu with
  single IAction's
- performance:
  - re-working performance tests that are statistically invalid
  - discovered/fixed memory leak in JDI client
- investigating BIDI bug in console (129908)
- menu polishing:
  - grouping of actions in "Layout" submenus
- released initial (internal provisional) support for columns in
  asynchronous debug views

- refactorings:
  - enabled inline for binary methods (if source attachment is available)
  - move method allows to move methods to generic types with matching type
  - added location history to Replace JAR, Create Script and Apply Script
  - performance of refactoring history, refactoring history UI
- views:
  - Java @category filter for outline view (view menu)
  - interface/enum/annotation decoration on class files and compilation
  unit (experimental)
- code manipulation:
  - clean up: remove brackets for control statements that only consist of
   'return' and 'throws'
  - change filters for Clean Up Wizard preview page
  - working on improving NLS tooling
  - separate comment templates for overridden methods and delegates
  - hashCode() and equals() can be regenerated (overwrites existing ones)
- junit:
  - fixed notification of JUnit test run listeners with concurrent test runs
- bug fixing
- EclipseCon preparation

- fine-tuning history view categories
- support for change sets in model synchronization (in progress)
- support for stand-alone use of EFS

Rel. Eng.:
- ongoing work on build process optimization
- testing fixes in PDE Build, adopting in builds
- incorporate new plug-ins into build as separate

Platform UI:
- general:
  - working on integrating trim with the new 'menus' extension point
  - performance work on Bug 114363 and Bug 126901
  - performance: changes to make FilteredTree better for large trees
    - see bug 128233
  - reviewing some of the work on time-based editor saving (Bug 34076)
  - integrating next version of ICU4J (3.4.3)
- bug fixing:
  - SubMenuManager visibility problem (Bug 128293)
  - sizing of key assist dialog (Bug 90971)
- logical model support:
  - worked on properties view
- JFace:
  - added animating message area for errors (thanks Dejan for inspiration):
    - will be doing this for preferences next
- Problems view:
  - performance work

- performance work:
  - mprovements made in scanning, DOM AST creation and indexing
- compilation participant reporting problems using
  BuildContext#recordNewProblems(...) now need to declare the problems
  marker type as being managed for this problems to be persisted as
  markers by the Java builder. Declaring a managed marker type is done
  using the 'managedMarker' sequence in the 'compilationParticipant'
  extension point
- compiler now supports @SuppressWarnings("cast") for silencing
  unnecessary cast diagnostics
- bug fixing

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