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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 22, 2006

 Discussion Topic

- There has been some good discussion on eclipse-dev about how to treat
  provisional APIs.  We should ensure we have a consistent story for
  provisional APIs across all teams for the 3.2 release.  How should
  they be named? Should we use x-internal? Should javadoc be generated?
  How should we publicize them to ensure we get feedback?


- Jeff was in Japan talking to OSGi Users Forum Japan, Eclipse Working
  Group Japan, Univerity of Tokyo and others


Platform/JDT Text:
- shipping 3.2 M5
- 3.2 M6 planning
- EclipseCon tutorial preparation (in progress)
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

- shipping 3.2 M5
- M6 planing
- EclipseCon preparation
- added support to JAR exporter to include deprecation information
- released refactoring wizard to fix method invocations and field
  accesses to deprecated members
- clean up:
  - added 'Add/Remove paranoiac parenthesis'
  - cleaned up UI code
  - in progress: previews in Clean Up Wizard
- bugfixing / inbox tracking

JDT Core:
- 3.2M5 validation
- in problem view, all optional errors treated as fatal are now
  grouped into the "Fatal errors" category. Note that there is
  an option to control whether optional errors are intended to
  be fatal or not, by default they are considered fatal (see
  Preferences>Java>Compiler>Building>Treat configurable errors
  like fatal errors...
- build states for very large projects should now save in a
  fraction of the time.
- diagnosis for assignment with no effect can now recognize
  following patterns:
   *  int i = i = 0;
   *  i = i = 0;
   *  i = ++i;
- M6 planning
- bug fixing

- M5 test pass
- bug fixing & triage
- EclispeCon prep

Rel. Eng:
- 3.2M5 delivery, update site preparation, performance testing
- update to source builds to incorporate pre-built plug-ins and JDT APT
  plug-in compilation
- EclipseCon preparation
- investigating optimizations to build process
- work with foundation to remove integration and nightly builds from
  mirroring process:
- bug triage and fixing

- final API cleanup
- bug fixing, M5 testing

- final API reviews for M5
- M6 planning
- bug triage and organization
- investigation into remote bundle management
- bundle signing support at runtime
- bootclasspath extensions:
- generic constraint resolver:
- promote javaverifier from incubator:

Platform UI:
- general:
  - M5
  - team away one day for a company tech. exchange
  - M6 planning
  - writing a High Contrast theme
  - eclipseCon preperations
- bug fixing:
  - fixed regression in BackgroundContentProvider due to removing Jobs
    dependency from JFace
- JFace:
  - data binding framework refactoring
  - added TreeViewer.insert(Object parent, Object element, int index)

User Assistance:
- linkability:
  - a small authoring tool near completion for generating linkability
    command strings
  - now focused on employing linkability in help, welcome and cheat sheets
- composite cheat sheets:
  - working with visual designers to beautify composite cheat sheets
  - tweaking the behavior and fixing minor bugs
  - writing documentation and schema for composite cheat sheet content file
- Help:
  - improving the way small dialogs handle context help to avoid bizarrely
    short dialog trays
  - working on removing false positive hits in searching dynamic help
- Welcome:
  - Universal welcome work continues :
    - the current look converted into the default Welcome theme
  - the new Welcome theme reset due to the inability to get PNGs to work
    in IE with alpha transparency; images to be recut as GIFs
- working on the Eclipsecon Tutorials
- bug fixing

- feature wizards revamped
- refactoring PDE plug-ins:
  - builders and natures moved to PDE Core thanks to the removal of
    extension point name space restrictions
- bug fixes and small enhancements
- SDWest conference preparation

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