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RE: [eclipse-dev] Best practices for provisional APIs

I agree with Mike. "provisional api" or "internal provisional", whatever you call it, is just a guess anyway because you reserve the right to change it.

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I find the notion of provisional api to be basically just an oximoron. We should have only two categories: API, and things that are internal because they haven't yet stabilized/been validated enough to be API.


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[eclipse-dev] Best practices for provisional APIs


Should we adopt a consistent way to indicate provisional APIs across the SDK?

More specifically I'm wondering what are the rules for

- the package name. should the API be in the package where it would belong if it was real API, or should it be in an internal package?

- the javadoc markup. should the javadoc say: experimental, provisional, something else?

Aside from those questions, I propose to add to the javadoc an explicit request for feedback from the users and explaining where this feedback should be given (a mailing-list, a bug report, ...)

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