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[eclipse-dev] Plug-in Developer Checklist -- MUST READ

Below is a checklist that plug-ins must pass to get a clean bill of health
for the 3.2 release.

I know it's only M5, but with the simultaneous release of many Eclipse
projects at the end of June along with their translation,
it's never too early to address these issues.

The good news is that, as of 3.2M5 (I-20050215-1600 to be exact), PDE
provides tooling to help you address all these issues in less than 5

1. Exported Packages:
- All plug-ins in the SDK must enumerate all their packages in the
- API packages and internal packages must all be listed with the
appropriate visibility manifest markup.

2.  Icon paths for bidirectional languages
- All paths to icons must be prefixed with $nl$
Refer to Tod's blog entry on the subject matter:

3.  <localization>.properties files (e.g files)
These files must only be used to externalize strings in
plugin.xml/fragment.xml/ files.
We have seen an ugly trend where people use the file to
translate their Java code.
We do not have that problem in the Eclipse SDK, but have seen it in other

Also, as our plug-ins evolved, the files have accumulated
unused keys over the past few years.  These unused keys should be removed.
During our testing, we have seen instances where a single
file contains 50-60 unused keys.

To help you address all issues above and more, PDE provides a wizard that
handles many cleanup tasks
including package management, internationalization, removal of unused
properties keys, etc.
The wizard can be accessed from the context menu of plug-in projects via
PDE Tools > Organize Manifests...

NLS reminder:
A reminder that since 3.2M3, PDE has provided an Externalize Strings
wizard.  It externalizes all workspace plug-ins en masse.  Run it often.
The Externalize Strings wizard can be accessed via PDE Tools > Externalize
Strings... from the context menu of plug-in projects.

Thank you.

BTW, please send all fan mail to Janek (janeklb@xxxxxxxxxx) as he's the man
behind the tooling described above.


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