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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 8, 2006

[ The IBM Ottawa developers are all at a technical seminar tomorrow, so there may not be a call. Next week for sure! ]


- Eclipse committer rep vote is underway.  Committers should have received a message from the foundation with instructions on how to vote.  Voting ends at the end of next week.


- Doug at Eclipse in Motion seminar in Dallas
- Wassim attended the Code Clinic in San Diego


- bug fixing & triage
- EclipseCon prep

Platform/JDT Text:
- 3.2 M5 testing
- eclipseCon tutorial preparation
- more statistics information for performance tests (in progress)
- added API and extension point for quick assist and quick fix support
  to Platform Text, implementation to be done for 3.2 M6
- finished investigation of dark red performance tests (filed bugs)
- deprecated Platform Text field assist support in favor of new
  Platform UI support
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

- JUnit view: released support for history and concurrent test runs
- reviewed patches for JUnit4 integration
- feedback for fieldassist infrastructure
- implemented first draft of a refactoring wizard which is able to fix
  deprecated code:
  - leave delegate deprecates the delegate and stores a refactoring
    script in the project folder
  - corresponding quick fix fetches refactoring script if available and
    executes the necessary refactorings
- continued implementing Extract Supertype
- Pull Up now performs supertype analysis (like the refactoring Use
- clean up wizard using tab folders
- performance testing:
  - bugs 126709, 120195, 127105, 126691
  - improved ScopeAnalyzer (JDT UI)
- finalized LTK Core/UI API
- extended quickFix/Assist extension point to work with non-jdt.core
  problems contributed by reconcile participants
- M5 test plan and testing

- continuing work on the new text search result view

JDT Core:
- 3.2M5 validation
- eclipseCon preparation
- added option for codeassist filtering out deprecated proposals
- null reference static analysis officially made available. Note that
  the analysis is fairly conservative, aligned on definite assignment
  rules. It is intentionally not complaining on all possible cases, but
  only considering these for which a suspicion gets introduced (e.g. if
  later on a null check is performed). The analysis could be further
  improved by introducing annotations (@CanBeNull, @CannotBeNull) but
  these would need to get standardized first. Null reference warnings
  can be silenced using @SuppressWarnings("null")
- improved codeassist variable name completion, based on eclipsezone
  discussion --
- changed the way to flag DOM AST nodes as RECOVERED:
  Now only nodes which really contains added/removed/replaced tokens are
  flagged. A parent of these kind of node isn't flagged. Sometimes our
  heuristic can't recognize the really recovered node, so in this case
  all potentially recovered nodes are flagged.
- added constants in the code formatter  
- added API org.eclipse.jdt.core.CorrectionEngine#getAllWarningTokens()
  to get all the valid warning tokens, which can be used into
  @SuppressWarnings annotations
- the Java model now better accommodates very big JAR files (i.e. containing
  lots of packages). Before 3.2 M5, such JAR files would cause the Java model
  cache to overflow frequently, which induced poor performance, since the
  same JAR file kept being read over and over again. A workaround was to
  start Eclipse with more memory to enjoy good performance again (as the
  cache size is a function of the memory size). JAR files are now read more
  selectively, and thus interesting portions remain in the cache longer
  without consuming lots of memory. User editing experience is thus
  significantly improved on large workspaces containing big JARs. As a
  consequence, our experiments show that the memory requirement for
  developing Eclipse in Eclipse can be lowered to 128MB only (i.e.
  passing -Xmx128m to the VM) as opposed to 256MB as currently specified
  in the eclipse.ini file.
- bug fixing

PDE Build:
- integration of multiple repository support patch
- released initial code to build product headless

- final API reviews for API freeze
- M5
- planning for M6
- last minute Valentine Day shopping

Platform UI:
- general:
  - progress view support
  - wrote JUnit tests for bug 126402
  - more work on adoption of field decoratoration and undo/redo
- API:
  - general API cleanliness checking
  - added ViewerComparator API class to support ICU4J adoption by platform,
    allows passing of an ICU implementation of java.util.Comparator
  - finalizing the API (schema) definition for trim extensions
  - updated the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point schema to include
    the 'layout' element for use by trim widgets
  - added a new class 'AbstractTrimWidget' (implements IWidget) to
    encapsulate the API needed to support trim that can change location
  - FilteredTree/PatternFilter API revisions
  - added API to allow plugins to veto shutdown (bug 71701)
- bug fixing:
  - problems view
- builds:
  - ICU4J build changes:
    - ICU team can now contribute plugins as pre-built jars
- Commands:
  - finalizing API for 3.2
  - moved provisional API into internal packages
  - more requests from User Assistance for commands
  - working on trim contributed through the menus extension point
  - finishing up deprecating of IKeyBindingService
  - added help context identifiers to handlers and commands
- JFace:
  - applied patch to push down LocalSelectionTransfer to JFace (bug 127029)
- logical model support / common navigator:
  - porting Model Explorer example to Common Navigator
- RCP:
  - applied custom coolbar presentation patch (bug 123257)

User Assistance:
- linkability:
  - more commands added to support linkability (opening dialogs)
  - will provide a simple command authoring utility to be posted on the
    UA homepage
- cheat sheets:
  - Composite cheat sheets fully released into HEAD
  - API finalized
- Help:
  - finished adding filtering to TOC and context help
  - added API for filtering UA elements
  - added ability to insert single element into anchor, instead of whole
    document (welcome, help XHTML)
  - improved ordering of root TOCs using categories
  - testing/bug fixing
- Welcome:
  - working on Universal Welcome CSSs and Welcome customization
    preference page

- more enhancements for the 'Named Targets' plan items:
  - PDE plan items are done for the release:
- added 'Organize Manifests' wizard under PDE Tools:
  - it will check all the manifests and make sure they are healthy
- bug fixing

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