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[eclipse-dev] Platform UI Team Status

Platform UI:
- General:
  - Progress view maintenance
  - changed SBar to support "menu"/"trim" rather than "menu"/"tool"/"status"
  - continuing work on the trim, workbench uses new layout and correctly tiles
  - Reviewed FilteredTree/PatternFilter API
  - Completed Bidi rendering code see bug 126402... API class is TextProcessor
- Bug Fixing:
  - fixed clear() on ListenerList
  - Bug 125645 - [DnD] drag n drop in the navigator is very hard
  - Bug 125957 - Hooking a Drop event that falls on the Java Editor
  - Bug 125944 - menus with "left" and "right" in the name fail in rtl
- Builds:
  - ICU4J build status
        - update from releng: need PDE build fixes to get build to work properly
       so ICU4J plugin and source can be contributed as jars
- Commands:
  - fixing bugs dealing with the handlers and contexts
 - deprecating IKeyBindingService
 - writing tests for handler state and fixing bugs

  - provide commands for UA, convert Open Resource to a parameterized command
 - bug fix on expansion of command parameters

- Logical Model Support:
  - renamed IDocument to ISaveableModel
- Problems view:
  - Problems view maintenance
- RCP:
  - reviewed patch allowing custom coolbar presentation (bug 123257)
- Tabbed Properties View:
  - added Tabbed Properties view to builds
  - released + example and tests

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