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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 8, 2006

[ A bunch of us are traveling this week, so there may not be a formal status call... ]


JDT Core:
- added API class org.eclipse.jdt.core.formatter.IndentManipulation to
  deal with indentations
- added API
  to return the indentation string corresponding to the given indentation
- access restriction warnings (discouraged & non-accessible) can now be
  silenced using @SuppressWarnings("restriction"). Note: if certain
  restrictions are configured as errors, the annotation has no effect.
- java projects can now depend on other Java projects that have replaced
  the default builder with their own builder, such as an Ant builder. We
  will now trust that the Ant build was successful and propagate any
  changes to the affected class files. Note: When projects are associated
  with the Java builder, it is able to track structural changes to
  classfiles (signatures etc...) and only recompile dependents of
  structurally changed classfiles. In the absence of a Java builder on a
  prereq project, all modified classfiles will be considered as
  (potentially) structurally changed; and thus recompilation will be less
- added an application to format code in a headless environment. See bug
  75333 for details.
- added API to ASTRewrite to get actual value of a property as managed by
  the rewriter. See bug 96663 for details.

- add new UI to configure the 'Null Reference' option (Java > Compiler >
- working on pre-delta computation for refactorings
- feedback to Platform/UI for FieldDecorations
- reviewing patches with support for JUnit4
- worked on JUnit view
- new Clean Up Wizard UI
- remove unnecessary block quick assist and clean up
- working on 'Fix Deprecation' quick fix / action
- started performance testing
- bug fixing

- working on new text search UI
- ongoing work on APIs to use the text search engine programmatically

- bug fixing
- Investigating support for dynamic columns in debug views, based on
  debug model
- EclispeCon preparation
- re-worked virtual, asynchronous tree viewer to render an underlying
  "tree model" (see bug 125536)
- consolidated common set of Java launching property testers for Java
  launch shortcuts. Provided patches to PDE and JUnit launchers
- added support for Ctrl-Click on console hyperlinks
- added API to retrieve "show monitor" and "show thread group" settings
- modified debug popup dialog constructurs to not require a text viewer

Platform/JDT Text:
- finalized all APIs introduced in 3.2 and finished Javadoc
- performance work:
  - investigated test quality
  - added statistics information to test results
  - investigating red performance tests (in progress)
- improved action enablement for non-workspace resource in Java editor
- provided feedback for field assist and field decoration support from
  Platform UI (in progress)
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

PDE Build:
- releng style builds from a product file

- investigation into a remote platform configuration manipulator (not only
  the running instance)
- continued review of the runtime refactoring
- new org.eclipse.equinox.servlet api bundle added to the equinox feature
- new framework adaptor hooks released
- added new bidi helper class (TextProcessor)
- released support for multiplexed URL stream and content handler factories
- removing core.runtime dependancy from update.configurator

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.2M5 build schedule posted:
- Callisto update site investigation:
  - David Wiliams from WTP wrote this document and is coordinating
- preparation for eclipseCon 2006
- test builds following build lab network configuration changes
- investigating process for JAR signing
- testing/fixing source builds

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