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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 8, 2005

 Discussion Topics



- test pass
- bug triage
- bug fixing for RC2

Platform UI:
- bug fixing, bug fixing, bug fixing
- testing RC1
- doc review
- nl + bidi work to prepare for translation
- polish work
  - fast views
  - detached views
- workbench startup progress reporting

- RC2 bug fixing
- bug verification
- started documentation on Getting started document

JDT Core:
- RC2 bug fixing
- started verification of RC2 fixes
- access rules are now ignoring file extensions (allow to be independent
  from source/binary form)
- some compiler optional diagnostics got promoted to warning by default:
  - unread local variable
  - unused private or local member declaration
  - field/local variable hiding
- removed (extra) unchecked warning when only method return type is
  altered by raw conversion (e.g.
- JDT initialization job got made visible (no longer a system job) since
  it may acquire some locks
- defining RC2 testing plan

- bug fixes, triage

- investigating a couple of P1 defects
- bug fixes and polish

Intro/Help/UI Forms/Cheatsheets:
- bug fixes, testing various scenarios
- discussion on making intro launch bar and fast view bar more consistent

Platform/JDT Text:
- 3.1 RC2 bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Rel. Eng.:
- bug fixing
- testing source build scripts
- testing pde build changes

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