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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse-dev is now moderated


As discussed in bug eclipse-dev is now moderated. This is to reduce the amount of "noise" on the list. If you have a general question regarding Eclipse, please see the newsgroups, news archives and mailing archives at the following links:

Posts from Eclipse committers will automatically be accepted, as the intention of -dev lists is for developers; however, I may have forgotten a few of you. If your message is held for approval, you will get an e-mail stating this, and so will the list moderators. They will, at their convenience and discretion, either approve your post or discard it, and they also can set you as a non-moderated member at their discretion. It may take some time for your message to be approved, so please exercise patience. Posts from individuals who are not list members are ruthlessly discarded for SPAM reasons.

The WebMaster will NOT be moderating requests; we currently have a few Eclipse committers who have volunteered to participate in this task. If you are an Eclipse committer and you wish to participate in the moderation effort, please contact me.

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly and not through this list.




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