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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 1, 2005

 Discussion Topics



- bug fixing/investigation/triage for 3.1RC1

Platform UI:
- bug fixing
- doc review started
- polish work:
  - preferences
  - fast views
  - editor management
  - detached view bugs/improvements
- workbench startup progress reporting

JDT UI/Platform Search:
- bug fixing
- shipping RC1
- test pass for RC2
- bug triage

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- testing 3.1 RC1
- cleaned up 3.1 (and older) targeted bugs
- bug inbox tracking

JDT Core:
- bug fixing
- delivering and testing RC1
- planning RC2
- polish: tuning compiler diagnostic for unused private member to 
  also flag unused member of local type (found interesting cases
  in Eclipse codebase)
- polish: performance analysis show we should not enable Javadoc
  support for out of the box experience (5% overhead), but we can
  enable unused private/local member warning and hidden field/local

Rel. Eng.:
- testing PDE Build
- testing the nesting of RCP feature in the platform feature
- refining nl fragment generation tool (bidi-icons, help indeces), 
  building nl fragments for testing purposes
- performance testing 3.1RC1
- tweaking source builds to facilitate contribution of Linux GTK IA64
  port of eclipse (bug 95740)
- bugs fixed: 97378,97218,96764,96562,90658,68248

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