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[eclipse-dev] PDE Problem.....Please Help.....

Hi folks,
I am stucked in development due to dependency problem in Eclipse-PDE.
One strange thing is happening.
I have three plugins in my project. One of this (Plugin say X) is implementing Action Set, actually one button on tool-bar. that invoke another swt application. I have created one more plugin (Say Plugin Y) that does processing part for that swt application. Now when I am using dependency for this,  I have to put dependency for Y into X. and same X into Y, right. But when I run using "RunTime Workbench" it is not showing that button on toolbar. Just only framework is displayed. I need to close it afterwards.
Where as If I include processing part in Plugin X itself, it works fine. i.e. if I remove Plugin Y from dependency list of Plyg in X it is running fine.
Why this is happening? Any possible solution??????
Sumit Panchasara.

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