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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 18, 2005

 Discussion Topics



Platform/JDT Text:
- improved performance in the following areas:
  - open of Java editor with enabled folding
  - disable folding
  - syntax coloring
- code assist polish:
  - auto-insertion of some proposals can be controlled (new preference
    for templates)
  - added context info for generic type proposals
  - argument guessing no longer suggests 'null'
- added default line delimiter support
- added key bindings to open the 'Declaration' and the 'Javadoc' view
- adopted new Help API to show custom help title
- removed dependency to 'handlerSubmission' attribute in pugin.xml
- bug fixing
- bug inbox tracking

- defect fixing

- access restrictions set for all Update plug-ins
- investigating a problem with open TCP/IP connections that can affect
  performance when Windows SP2 is applied
- defect fixing

User Assistance:
- Initial User Experience:
   - defect fixing
   - making sure HTML intro works well on Linux and Mac
- Help:
  - added support to change the title of the context help section
    (used by JDT to show Javadoc for the selected types, and by
    Workbench for action help)
  - defect fixing

- lots of bug fixing
- worked on polish items
- performance:
  - recoded condition checking code of rename refactorings 
    to only create type hierarchies once
  - performance optimization for Infer Type argument

- Bug Fixing & Triage
- 50 fixes in Debug
- 28 fixes in Ant

JDT Core:
- bug fixing
- polish:
  - codeassist options w.r.t. access rules
  - resolvedKey for parameterized element should will
    show substituted info in hover help
- work in progress on compiler check for method collisions
- work in progress on compiler capture semantics
- compiler support binary compatibility of enum switches

Platform Core:
- working towards finalizing things for 3.1
- bug fixing
- bug triage

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