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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 18, 2005

Platform UI
- M7 Test/Fixing
- polish efforts
- bug sorting for RC1
- NL + BIDI investigations

Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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05/17/2005 03:28 PM

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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 18, 2005

Discussion Topics



- M7 Test Pass
- M7 Fix Pass
- bug prioritization for RC1

- shipping M7
- bug triage
- bug fixing
- performance
 - released refactoring heap performance test case +
 - optimized usage of type hierarchies during rename method and
   change signature refactorings

Platform/JDT Text:
- shipped 3.1 M7
- performance:
 - investigated and fixed errors in tests (also backported)
- removed 'Open Untitled Text File' from main File menu to File > New
- added access restriction options from JDT Core to code assist and
 code assist preference page
- compound edit detection:
 - (Java)MoveLines and HippieCompleteAction wrap multiple consecutive
   invocations into one Undo operation
- start to work on adding default line delimiter support
- bug fixing
- bug inbox tracking
- 1 public holiday

JDT Core:
- shipping M7
- bug fixing
- combined work with PDE to address issues leading to full build on
 startup; if you still see unexpected such full builds again, please
 get back to us.
- added timestamp to batch compiler generated XML log
- user libraries can now retain classpath attributes and access rules
- generic method search can now find overrides with different signatures
 (still overriding as per type parameter substitution)

- investigating an issue that is timing-sensitive (JUnit tests fail
 randomly). It is caused by our fix that eliminated two GETs that
 seem [... missing content? ed.]
- M7 testing
- defect fixes

User Assistance:
- Intro:
 - testing various NL issues
 - M7 testing
 - Defect fixes
- Help:
 - M7 testing
 - bug fixes
- PDE:
 - dusting up ["dusting off"? ed.] 3.1 PDE test plan
 - bug prioritization
 - M7 testing
 - bug fixes

- Konrad got a haircut
- Janek got a haircut

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.1M7
- performance test rerun on 3.1M6 and 3.1M7
- testing and moving to 3.1M7 in builds
- added Linux GTK PPC configuration to builds
- testing changes in source builds to build doc with eclipse specific
 Ant tasks at build time
- working on support in source builds to build Linux GTK IA64 port of
- NL fragment tool fixing

Platform Core:
- releasing M7
- RC1 preparation
- buddy class loading is released
- working on the OSGi package rename
- bug triage
- bug fixing

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