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Re: [eclipse-dev] Platform-specific newsgroups - RFE

Most users don't know if an issue is specific to their platform or not. Having multiple newsgroups will cause the same "non platform specific"
questions to be asked on all the newsgroups, which will just waist people time and dilute the information.
Moreover creating such newsgroups then calls for the same pattern in RCP, and SWT newsgroups.

Why can't we prefix the title of the post by the platform?


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[eclipse-dev] Platform-specific newsgroups - RFE


I received am RFE in bugzilla for OS/Platform-Specific Platform newsgroups:

eclipse.platform.win32, eclipse.platform.linux, eclipse.platform.macosx,

I'd like to get your feedback about this.  Please see the bugzilla RFE here:

Please post comments and votes in Bugzilla.

From the RFE:

When working on a product for different platforms, e.g. Win32 and Mac
OSX, it turns out that there are a lot of issues specific to these
platforms. Those issues are not only related to the different ports of
SWT but the Eclipse platform as a whole, as e.g. a product export has to
create and configure platform-specific executable binaries.

It would be nice to have a place to discuss these problems in a
dedicated place, such as e.g. "eclipse.platform.mac", or
"eclipse.platform.linux". There already exists an active Eclipse Mac
Google group, so a need for such a place seems to be given.


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