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[eclipse-dev] Platform-specific newsgroups - RFE


I received am RFE in bugzilla for OS/Platform-Specific Platform newsgroups:

eclipse.platform.win32, eclipse.platform.linux, eclipse.platform.macosx, etc...

I'd like to get your feedback about this.  Please see the bugzilla RFE here:

Please post comments and votes in Bugzilla.

From the RFE:

When working on a product for different platforms, e.g. Win32 and Mac OSX, it turns out that there are a lot of issues specific to these platforms. Those issues are not only related to the different ports of SWT but the Eclipse platform as a whole, as e.g. a product export has to create and configure platform-specific executable binaries.

It would be nice to have a place to discuss these problems in a dedicated place, such as e.g. "eclipse.platform.mac", or "eclipse.platform.linux". There already exists an active Eclipse Mac Google group, so a need for such a place seems to be given.


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