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RE: [eclipse-dev] Congratulations and thank you...

> > The method getPluginWorkspace() is undefined for the type 
> WorkbenchPlugin
> WorkbenchPlugin is in org.eclipse.ui.internal (not API), so 
> this break is not surprising.

Yep :-/  We try to avoid referencing internal packages, but
sometimes things slip through...

> > BootLoader cannot be resolved
> > The import org.eclipse.core.boot cannot be resolved
> org.eclipse.core.boot move to the the 
> org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility plug-in. If you go through the 
> standard conversion using the PDE Migration tool, your 
> plug-in ends up 
> depending on org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility, and you 
> should not 
> see these errors. Does your plug-in depend on 
> org.eclipse.core.runtime directly?

Yes, it does depend directly; I hadn't tried the PDE migration tool,
as this was just a quick and dirty test (import existing projects
currently building against 2.x, see how they fared building against
3.0, without any modification).

I'll certainly keep the PDE migration tool in mind when it
actually comes time to migrate the code to build against 3.0.



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