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Re: [eclipse-dev] how to port feature welcome.xml files into 3.0 Intro support

Jean-Michel, I'll explain from the Intro component side...

the current design is that the new Intro overrides the "legacy welcome". if you run a product that has an Intro bound to it, your old welcome will be suppressed. If not, the old welccome editor behavior stays as is :ie: comes up as an editor.

In the current SDK builds, org.eclpise.platform binds an intro to the SDK product and so legacy welcome is suppressed.

Ideally, all old welcome.xmls can/should be ported using the new Intro xml markup and contributed into the existing SDK Intro through extension points.
At this stage in the game, I believe the decision is that the current Intro content is complete.

If you feel otherwise, please open up a defect.

Mazen .  

Jean-Michel Lemieux/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

06/17/2004 09:10 AM

Please respond to

[eclipse-dev] how to port feature welcome.xml files into 3.0 Intro support

In 2.1.X a feature could include a welcome.xml file that was shown to the
user when the feature was installed and it was usually used to provide
some quick start information about the feature. How should we port these
files into 3.0? I haven't found the intro hooks that would allow a welcome
page to appear when a new feature is installed. Is this still supported.

Please let me know what I should do with our feature welcome.xml files.

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