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Re: [eclipse-dev] Can't seem to use the Ant editor on files not named build.xml

These types of questions should be asked in the eclipse newsgroups...

To solve you problem
Window>Preferences>Workbench>File Associations
Add your association for the Ant Aditor for iSeriesDeployment.xml there.

The location you added in the Ant preferences is only used to emulate the
-find functionality of Apache Ant when performing the actual Ant build.(Which I believe is indicated in the label for that text field :-) )


> Hello All,
> I have several Ant build files in my project. One is named build.xml,
> another named iSeriesDeployment.xml. In eclipse 2.0 I could right click
> on the iSeriesDeployment.xml file and choose Ant Editor from the
> context menu. I can't do this in Eclipse RC1, nor could I do it in M8
> or M9.
> I've added the file name in Windows/Preferences/Ant, in the names text
> field on this preferences view I have
> "build.xml,iSeriesDeployment.xml". I'm still unable to edit my
> iSeriesDeployment.xml file with the Ant editor.
> I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Any pointers would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gary Eberhart
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> Computer Marketing Corporation
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