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[eclipse-dev] Can't seem to use the Ant editor on files not named build.xml

Hello All,

I have several Ant build files in my project. One is named build.xml,
another named iSeriesDeployment.xml. In eclipse 2.0 I could right click on
the iSeriesDeployment.xml file and choose Ant Editor from the context menu.
I can't do this in Eclipse RC1, nor could I do it in M8 or M9.

I've added the file name in Windows/Preferences/Ant, in the names text field
on this preferences view I have "build.xml,iSeriesDeployment.xml". I'm still
unable to edit my iSeriesDeployment.xml file with the Ant editor.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Any pointers would be greatly

Thanks in advance,

Gary Eberhart
Manager New Product Development
Computer Marketing Corporation
Phone: 801-365-5000
Fax: 801-365-5100

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