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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003


* Peter Manahan <manahan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am not sure I understand what all the fuss is about. The .config dir is not user information. It is eclipse system configuration. Allowing general
users to modify that is like allowing just anyone to write to the /etc

In config is the infortmation, what 'sites' are installed. If that's saved in
/etc, it means that users cannot specify a plugin dir relative to "$HOME".

.config is actually not something, which belongs to /etc, as it is
initialized by the programm and not by the admin (or package manager/programmers).

1) root installs eclipse and in that process creates the .config via
eclipse -initialize -data /tmp/workspace
2) user runs eclipse without error.
for purists this is supposed to work (requires a wrapped eclipse launcher)

Fun. Now considere a university, where the admin isntalls eclipse. Now a user
wants to install a new plugin.

1) root install of eclipse
2) root then creates the .config in say /etc/eclipse/.config using the
-configuration flag "eclipse -initialize -data /tmp/workspace/
-configuration /etc/eclipse"
3) user runs without error using the eclipse -configuration /etc/eclipse/
-data $HOME/workspace.

So I will change my wrapper script in the enxt version, depending, what is
actually written by initialize. AFAIK, Mozilla has something similar: Chrome registry. AFAIK, this goes to /usr/share. This app is run after every upgrade
of a mozilla plugin/component

A /etc file would be something like the 'links/*links files or a config file,
which specifes the default window system.

What eclipse is missing is the user portion of this which right now is per workspace rather than per user.

Yes, that is missing too.


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