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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

I am not sure I understand what all the fuss is about.  The .config dir is not user information. It is eclipse system configuration. Allowing general users to modify that is like allowing just anyone to write to the /etc dir.

 Using 2.1.2 as a basis (this is changing slightly in 3.0 as config information is moving out of the workspace. or so i hear)

1) root installs eclipse and in that process creates the .config via eclipse -initialize -data /tmp/workspace
2) user runs eclipse without error.

for purists this is supposed to work (requires a wrapped eclipse launcher)  
1) root install of eclipse
2) root then creates the .config in say /etc/eclipse/.config using the -configuration flag "eclipse -initialize -data /tmp/workspace/ -configuration /etc/eclipse"
3) user runs without error using the eclipse -configuration /etc/eclipse/   -data $HOME/workspace.

What eclipse is missing is the user portion of this which right now is per  workspace rather than per user.

Of the four basic types of configuration (system,instance, user, user instance ) eclipse seems to have only two
(system =.config , user instance = workspace). At least in 2.1.2.

I understand in 3.0 they'll have instead (system ,user )? I think.


Peter Manahan
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Alvin Thompson <al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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13/11/2003 12:59 PM

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Andrew Haley <aph@xxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

eclipse itself should default to this behavior. what's the point of
writing stuff to the program directory instead of the user directory?


Andrew Haley wrote:

> I submitted a patch for this an age ago; it's in Red Hat's version of
> Eclipse.
> Andrew.
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