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[eclipse-dev] JRE Woes ...(Maybe my method of attack)


I am trying to create two plugins, one is called SQLNavigator, and the other
SQLEditCommander.  I have created the SQLNavigator.  This plugin tests
successfully in my Eclipse 2.1.1 and then 2.1.  I switched to 2.1 because I
was having auto-detect JRE issue with 2.1.1.  I now have lost my JRE with
2.1.  I think that I am doing something wrong.

I tried to copy the java code (src) for the java editor example into my
workspace area.  Then, things started breaking.  How are you supposed to use
others code but in a project with your package and file structure.  Here are
my questions ...

1.    When doing a new plugin, does Eclipse have to do the wizardry or can I
copy files, rename, hack code, etc. to do this?  If so, then how do I keep
from breaking things?

2.    Or, are we supposed to keep our projects separate and hand-coded until
they are complete?  My issue is, that I suspect that the "dot" files,
.project, metadata, etc. files get confused because of my file name changing
and then the real problem, the auto-detect of the JRE somehow fails.

I also noticed that when I added java files in a directory structure by
extraction of the example zip src for the java editor, that the files were
lost and I suspect because the package name was different.  But, Eclipse
would not let me place them there to change the package name.

What am I doing wrong.  I have found documentation on the java objects,
classes, interfaces, api, etc.  I understand this.  My issue is with Eclipse
, the tool development system.  I haven't found step by step instruction for
my development scenario.  Should I create a blank project and then start
adding things?  If I do, at what point will I screw up Eclipse's dynamic
find and load process.

I can rebuild my Eclipse and then re-install my JDK and the JRE issue will
fix itself, but I don't know how long I'll go before I break it again.

Sorry for my confusion if my issue is not clear.


David L. Whitehurst
aka. PiratePete

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